FinancialCentre Review: Why I Started Trading with FinancialCentre?

Covid-19 has been difficult for everyone, and it was challenging for me too since I lost my job. I was stuck at home with a lot of time on my hands; I started looking to make money online and thought that trading might be an easy way to do it without significant investment. I searched for a forex broker that would allow me to start trading, and that’s how I found FinancialCentre.

FinancialCentre made my life so much easier. That it made me write a FinancialCentre review. Without further adieu, let’s get into the FinancialCentre review of how this platform worked for me

Firstly, let’s talk about the platform’s looks and features.

Why I Started Trading with FinancialCentre:

I was looking for a FinancialCentre review to start forex trading, and surfing through Google and blogs, I came across the FinancialCentre website. It had an easy signup process that required only my name and email address. Once I signed up, the company sent me a confirmation link in my email inbox, which I needed to verify to proceed further. Then, there were terms and conditions that I had to check, and finally, I was at the stage where I could start trading in forex. It hardly took me five minutes to get set up.

The Trading Platform:

The trading platform was easy to use, and there were numerous assets that I could trade in; forex is not the only option here, with gold, silver, and oil also available with FinancialCentre using their FUEL investment product. The trading platform had a user-friendly interface which meant that any beginner could trade in no time. Explain more about the trading platform.  But the most important ones that need to be mentioned in this FinancialCentre review are the Crypto, stocks/stocks markets (equities), indices, or stock market indexes!

Essential Tools:

There were valuable tools on the platform that helped me catch the best of opportunities in different markets. The charts provided me with a wealth of information at a glance, and I could see where things might be moving next. There was also an economic calendar that provided detailed forecasts for all major events happening around the world.

Users Interface:

The trading platform has a user-friendly interface which made it easy for me to navigate and understand the different instruments available on the platform. An auto trader feature allowed me to copy trades from successful traders— this is only available with a paid subscription. This trading platform is easy to use, allowing you to make a trade in less than 5 minutes!

Moreover, you can also see what other people are doing on the screen and copy them if they do well.

I found the user interface quite laggy at times and could have been a little better. However, it was still quite easy to trade with.

Trading Assets:

FinancialCentre has a large asset selection which is one of my favorite features of this broker. You can trade forex, indices such as the NASDAQ, and LME metals like gold, silver, platinum. I could also check the market price of oil using this platform. FinancialCentre has a lot of different assets you can trade-in. There is forex and things like gold, silver, and oil– called commodities. You can do this by buying and selling them on the platform for money. I was able to trade in the following assets:

  1. Forex: Driving the world’s economy, forex is one of the biggest markets–ythere are now more than 60 different currencies traded on FinancialCentre’s trading platform.
  2. Shares & Bonds: Shares and bonds give you ownership in a company or an organization like a government body. Stocks and shares both represent ownership units in a business entity but are traded on different exchanges.
  3. Commodities: A raw material used for trade; a commodity is an important part of the global economy. More than 50 key commodities are listed in the FinancialCentre’s trading platform. For example, gold and silver are examples of the commodity you can buy. Assets like this give you a share in the company and not direct ownership like stocks. Buying gold means that you own a certain value in the commodity.
  4. Indices: Indices are a broad collection of stocks that represent a large portion of the market. In FinancialCentre’s trading platform, you can trade indices like NASDAQ and LME. Indices help you to diversify your investment risk by allowing you to spread money around different types of assets.
  5. Crypto: You can trade currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and more using FinancialCentre’s crypto feature. Cryptocurrencies are a new form of currency that is not issued by any government body but by people who create it on the internet.

Charts & Tools:

There are a lot of tools and indicators on this trading platform that I found incredibly useful. One of these tools is the moving average which allows you to quickly spot potential trades. The other core tool is the Fibonacci tool, which is effective if you are an advanced trader. Additionally, there are other tools available here, such as the Bollinger Bands, the Relative Strength Index, and more. The charts on the platform are easy to use, and I found them helpful, but Chart size is difficult to read on the platform because of its small size.


I was concerned about security when I started trading online because I had heard so many stories of people being scammed by fake brokers. But FinancialCentre has SSL encryption, ensuring that all my communications and personal information are encrypted when I am using the website. Everything is secured, including my money which is always a concern unless you have an offshore account. There is also a dedicated security team to make sure that the website stays secure. One thing that I need to mention in this FinancialCentre review is that the customer service of any platform is good.

Withdrawal Process:

FinancialCentre offers a simple withdrawal process where you just press a button to get your money deposited into your bank account which is super-fast as well.

Sign Up:

The signup process is simple at FinancialCentre, and you do not need to provide any personal documents to get started. You have to give them your name and email address only, which is sufficient to start trading online.

Education Center:

The education center at FinancialCentre is designed to help beginners learn about the different aspects of forex trading. It offers a lot of information that can prove useful when you are starting. There is also a learning portal that you can use if you need any kind of assistance or guidance from an expert. There are two different ways to learn about forex trading on the FinancialCentre website: Firstly, the company has an education center with a lot of information about trading that is easy for beginners to understand.

Secondly, you can use their learning portal, webinars, and eBooks that teach you how to trade online. You can also read the blog on this site, which has articles written by experts, and they offer a wealth of knowledge.

What helped me most were the eBooks written by experienced traders that I could download and use for free. These eBooks gave me all the information I needed to know about trading forex, so they were a great resource for me because I did not need to pay any extra costs.

Customer Service:

I found the customer service while reviewing FinancialCentre to be excellent, and they are always available for assistance.

FinancialCentre’s customer service is one of the best aspects of this broker. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they offer live chat, email, and phone support, so you always get immediate help when needed. I did, however, often find that the support staff was a little slow when I had some problems with my account, but they always got back to me within 24 hours, so it was not too much of an issue.

Why I Continue Trading with FinancialCentre?

I have been trading forex with FinancialCentre for almost a year now, and I am satisfied with this broker. Their user-friendly interface makes it easy to start trading online. At the same time, their education center offers useful information, which can prove beneficial when you are just starting out.

Their security is top class, and they have a simple withdrawal process. The fact that they offer both telephone and email and live chat support makes it easy to get in touch with the broker whenever you need assistance. I would highly recommend this trading platform for beginners, while more advanced traders could also try out their copy trader feature for automated trades.