The best cash for gold schemes are in hot demand nowadays at gold dealers in your local CBD. But, on the other hand, are you concerned about the condition of your jewellery sitting in the jewellery box? Maybe you have some broken pieces and thinking the price will not be good when selling them as scrap gold. But then again, you need not fear as the answer might surprise you.

How is the Gold Value Measured

How many times have you heard the word karat when talking to others about gold? A lot and yes it is important as it informs you how much pure gold is inside your piece of jewellery. So, the higher the karat the more it is worth.

Forexample, if you have a 14k gold bracelet, it is made up of 58.3% gold; the rest are metals of no significant value such as copper these metals are used to make it durable to wear. There are other common gold purities like 9k and 18k. You can also find 24k without other metals in the jewellery, but it is not practicical to wear as it damages easy.

These numbers known as hallmarks determine the gold purity level; the higher the number, the more money you can get. Most of the gold pieces have a hallmark, looking like a stamp with a number. The number is small; if you cannot see it, you have other choices. You can take your gold pieces to a gold dealer to determine their value.

You Need Not Worry if Your Jewellery is Broken

Basically, gold buyers are not concerned if your gold pieces are in an excellent condition or broken. A broker only cares about the precious metal content of your jewellery pieces.

Therefore, for example, whether you have a damaged ring, odd pair of earrings or a clasp broken on a bracelet, the gold still offers you a melt value. The dealer will sell the gold in bulk to a refinery to be refined and place it back into gold bullion.

But before you head out to a gold dealer, it helps to check the current price of gold on the dealer’s website. Gold is very volatile and tends to go up and down. For this reason, choosing the right moment to sell your gold can help, especially when gold prices are high.

Visiting a gold buyer, you can get the best cash for gold. They will provide a certified assessment based on the karat, weight, and spot price. Still, do not expect to get the gold market price on the day as they buy scrap jewellery under the spot price.

Suppose you have designer gold jewellery or rare coins. In that case, it might be worth visiting a pawnbroker or numismatics dealer as it could be worth more than the melt value. For this reason, take your broken gold jewellery and request a quote from a gold buyer for free today without any obligations to sell.

You will be surprised what your scrap gold is worth. You can decline or accept the offer and walk out of the store with money in hand.